Freight Forwarding & Shipping Software Solution

We present the most features backed solution for freight forwarder and the most automated software that will put your organization on front.

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Centralized all-in-one solution 

Our solution leverage the power of Odoo framework mixed with industry expert. we have developed the most tailored solution that impact beneficially to all business departments and each detail in the business process that streamline the freight process and ensure customer satisfaction.

As all-in-one cloud based software, the solution is centralized within all the departments and no need to perform any task using other software or tool.

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Packages & Master Data

  • All Sea and air ports
  • All containers and packages types
  • Products commodity
  • Shipping sea and air Lines  

Sales & Quotations

  • Sea , Air & In-land Transport
  • Online Quotation Request
  • CRM & Lead Management
  • Advanced Pricing Module
  • Online Sales Quotation 
  • Online Invoicing and payments

Freight Operation

  • Sea, Air &In-land Transport Management
  • Assigning Operation to specific team members
  • Control each process step
  • Multi level Routs Operation Management
  • Customs clearance management
  • Operations' expenses Management
  • Advanced Cost Analysis 
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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