Get Odoo Accounting Made Right! 

One of the best-performing ERP modules we offer is Odoo Accounting. No matter how complicated your company's finances are, the software solution simplifies them. By preventing human error and ensuring calculations are accurate, Odoo Accounting minimizes disruption.

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Use a Thorough ERP to Manage Your Financial Activities

Companies that use Odoo Accounting sustain a seamless workflow that supports various business processes. Besides being an affordable cloud-based ERP solution, it guides businesses toward their digital transformation. Shortcut Odoo consultants will help you explore the ERP module to take full advantage of every feature and save time.


 Customize your invoices based on your business needs! By determining the recurring events, you can automate these invoices and reminders to collect late online payments. Billing processes are now easier to track and manage!

  • Customer Invoices & Vendor Bills with     payment handling
  • Payment terms, Credit Notes and taxes processing
  • Recurring invoicing
  • Business Intelligence reports
  • E-Invoice integration

Bank Reconciliation & Cash

Odoo automatically saves and imports each bank statement. All bank transactions are reported in order to maintain current and accurate records. When unmatching occurs, it offers recommendations for resolving the transactions.

  • Unlimited Bank & cash Journals with multi Currencies
  • Configurable journals according to the payment processes
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation & Import statement
  • Manage Cash register 


If your business deals with various currencies, this is the most suitable module. Now, your overseas operations and new international contracts can be accurately recorded. Real-time exchange rates provide flexibility and accuracy.

  • Aged Receivable & payable reports
  • Customer Payment follow-up
  • Register multiple payment in one click
  • Multi-currency payments 
  • Multi-payment Method (Bank transfer, cash, online, e-wallet, etc.)

Tax Management

You can automatically calculate the taxes you owe. Include rates that are compliant with local laws and get free error calculations. This enables you to calculate your profit margin after deducting sales and purchase taxes.

  • Receivable and payable management 
  • Process multiple invoices Payments
  • Aged receivable & payable balance
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Multi-companies
  • Cost Centers with traceable reports 


 Expense Management

Inaccurate tracking of expenses could result in money leaks. This makes real-time expense tracking one of the most effective features. Define the criteria that suit your business to automatically categorize its expenses.

  • Asset management process depreciation boards and generate amortization entries automatically.
  • Budget management and measure accurately the actual expenses & revenues against the planned 
  • Deferred revenue & expenses
  • Spreadsheet tool 

Analytical Financial Reports

Through its customizable financial reports, Odoo offers a 360-degree view of all corporate finances. You can assess the performance of your company by reviewing balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and more.

  • Full accounting & tax reports
  • Business Intelligence reports
  • Annotate reports & journal records
  • Customized KPI's & dashboards 
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