Empowering the Supply Chain by Odoo for Better Collaboration

Every business supply chain has its own stakeholders. Managing the relations and operations between manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors might be a headache without a dynamic ERP software module. Odoo Supply Chain succeeds in improving communication, reducing delays, and enhancing overall productivity to upgrade consumer satisfaction through remarkable experiences.

Odoo Supply Chain Management Smartly Drives Growth 

Seeking profitability and business growth requires ERP solutions that combine knowledge, analytics, and effective practices. Odoo Supply Chain is your excellent cloud software module for higher efficiency and transparency. No more delays or complaints, as Odoo features help you deliver products more quickly and provide better customer service.

Odoo Inventory


Avoiding the “out-of-stock” situation when a customer needs a product is an effective function Odoo perfectly does. The solution notifies you when a specific product is about to run out through real-time inventory tracking. In addition, accurate forecasting optimizes inventory levels and reduces waste.

  • Unlimited warehouses & internal locations
  • Multi routs, Packing & quality control step
  • Re-ordering rules for Stock Control
  • Barcode operation
  • Manual & automatic replenishment
  • Warehouse Dashboard &  business intelligence reports

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Streamline the procurement process from the moment of the need to purchase raw materials to payment! Every order has a request and delivery receipt, which develop a stable procedure. It tracks the order request till it is shipped and received. This manages cash flow, which reduces the risk of overstocking.

  • Vendor item number,  price list & lead time
  • RFQ & PO Management
  • Call for tender

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Odoo Supply Chain helps your business manage multiple warehouses at the same time. The real-time tracking of a product from one warehouse to another optimizes efficiency. Reducing errors enhances productivity and diminishes waste costs. This ends up fulfilling orders quickly and improving customer satisfaction

  • Address, company, and specific configurations
  • Product categorization based on various attributes
  • Stock quantities and moves
  • Reordering rules based on parameters like maximum & minimum stock levels, lead time, etc.

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  • Automated delivery order based sales order confirmation
  • Delivery updated with SO updates

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  • Stock movement control
  • Lot/ Serial number redness and tracking
  • Integrated refilling and stock level control

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  • Automated journal entries 
  • Stock valuation tracking 
  • Deliveries & Receipts based on invoicing policy

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