We Digitize Your Business to Achieve Maximum Growth on Your ROI

With an integrated management system (ERP), you will finally be able to automate all of your business processes, from human resources management to accounting and financial management, including sales, distribution, procurement and e-commerce. Enough to maximize your efficiency and your results!​ Control Your business with real-time analytic KPI's .

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We digitize your business to achieve maximum growth on your ROI

With an integrated management system (ERP), you will finally be able to automate all of your business processes, from human resources management to accounting and financial management, including sales, distribution, procurement and e-commerce. Enough to maximize your efficiency…and your results!​

Control Your business with real-time analytic KPI's .

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We Deliver the Most Powerful Digital Transformation Workflow

It is our responsibility to develop a comprehensive strategy for digital transformation that enables your business to achieve higher ROI levels. With our digital transformation solutions and IT management software, your company's performance can reach its full potential. Boosting productivity, improving customer experience, and increasing competitiveness are becoming more crucial than ever.

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Your Trusted Consultant in Digital Transformation

A shortcut to success and reaching your business goals is to connect the dots of transformation in the digital world. We are called “Shortcut Digital Solutions” for this reason. Knowing your company's unique story enables us to choose the most effective technological solutions to address your issues. Shortcut consultants accompany you through a multiple-step, helpful journey.

  • Business financial analysis and accounting operations.
  • Wide range of ERP capabilities against industry requirements, specially Odoo #1 for SMEs
  • Integrating the cutting edge AI & 4.0 Industry technology in business operation  

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digital transformation
a person sitting at a table with a laptop

1- Business Status Assessment

We assess the original organization's digital infrastructure, processes, and capabilities to determine strengths, weaknesses, and how we can improve them.

Colorful software or web code on a computer monitor

2- Digital Transformation Strategy

After analysis, our consultants set a framework that meets the business needs to select the best technologies in this situation. This occurs in coordination with the board.

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3- Implementation Planning

The required changes in the business will have a roadmap that plans implementation. This stage clarifies the key milestones, timelines, and resource requirements.

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4- Change Management

Our consultants help all stakeholders become more aware of the solutions. That’s why, this phase includes communication, training, and support for employees.

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5- Technology Implementation

Here, we implement digital transformation. This could be related to automation, restructuring processes, ERP, software development, or AI and 4.0 industry technology.

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6- Performance Monitoring

We help you get the required results. To establish an integrated, top-achieving system, our consultants measure changes’ effects on KPIs to optimize if needed.

business analysis

Better Business Process Analysis Produces Superior Outcomes!

Closing the gap between your desired business state and the current one is an action that our consultants successfully perform. We examine every part of the process to see how efficient it is for the whole company. Before we plan business analysis and start monitoring, we determine the objectives the business seeks to achieve. We will propose to your business the most effective cost solution to enhance processes and adapt to changes.

  • How the existed process adapt to new automated software
  • Pain point and GAP analysis.
  • How our solution e return beneficially to your business development.

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It All Starts With the Right Process Mapping

Throughout the implementation of the business analysis, our consultants discover potential risks that might affect upcoming activities. This includes selecting suitable methods to track progress to assure its alignment with the timeline. This helps our consultants avoid any issues or delays, and take corrective actions when required.

odoo implementation

Odoo Implementation Unlocks an All-In-One Business Solution!

Our consultants guide you to a suitable Odoo ERP that meets your business specifications. They plan Odoo implementation considering the business vision and key factors to develop the project scope, identifying timelines and milestones that meet the budget.

  • Implementation Strategy
  • Project Management 
  • Workflow Customization
  • System Validation
  • SaaS, Local Server, Odoo.sh implementation

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Let Odoo Customization Handle All of Your Company’s Needs!

As we believe digital transformation is the key to any success, shortcut helps you modify the elements that will make Odoo a more tailored software solution. Odoo customization will achieve exactly the desired results. By comprehending the required business needs, our developers modify the code, add new modules, create new fields, or change the user interface.


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Workflow Validation


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odoo training

Training and Support Are Necessary to Use Odoo Effectively

Our experts are highly effective at instructing your team, either remotely or on-site. They help them practice how to use Odoo ERP due to their extensive training knowledge and wealth of experience. Along the trainee's education journey, we review his degree of comprehension with every module and function. Continuous support guarantees the proper functionality of Odoo to sustain success and troubleshoot any issue the users meet.

  • We follow up on every trainee
  • direct contact with the trainer
  • Remotely & On-site
  • Free Support after implementation 
  • We support SaaS, Local server, Odoo.sh

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